Eagle’s Nest Hotel – Days Trip

While staying at Eagle’s Nest Hotel, Duikar Valley you can enjoy the majestic view of Hunza Valley, delicious food, sun rise, sun set, various peaks, tracking and much more. You might face difficulties in reaching Hunza Valley but it is certain that at the end you will get to see the most spectacular views of the place. .

To make your vacation more enjoyable and adventurous we are providing “A Day Trip” plan from Eagle’s Nest Hotel to different areas of Hunza Valley. So that,

“The places should not be missed out at all.”

Altit Fort & Royal Garden

It is sited on a cliff that is about 1000 feet from Hunza River. Altit Fort is famous for its old civilization and architecture. It offers breathtaking view of Kara Koram Highway (KKH), Hunza River, Altit pool and Altit pologround. Along that Basi Café located in the heart of Royal Garden offers delicious traditional food.

Baltit Fort & Bazaar

A prime historic landmark located in Karimabad is enriched with ancient and traditional equipments. Additionally, Karimabad bazar is the best place that offers various handicrafts, shawls and gems. Must experience the delicious walnut cake of Café-de-Hunza and traditional food provided at Hidden Paradise. We guarantee that you won’t regret.

Hoper Glacier Nagar Valley

Hopper valley is located in Nagar Khas that offers views of green landmarks and Hoper Glacier. Tourists can see clear picture of Hoper Glacier from a viewpoint. Although tracking to Hoper Glacier is recommended to the advanced trackers. Hoper valley road has its own beauty with green fields filled with fruitful trees.

Attabad Lake

A tourist point that offers one of the best views. Tourists can take joyful boat rides and huge picturesque mountains all around.

Hunza Marcopolo Inn Museum

It has preserved the unique, historical and cultural artifacts that includes a collection of stuffed snow leopard, gems, historical guns, and firearms. It’s worth watching and you can also visit nearby attractions such as Borith Lake and Passu Glacier.

Suspension/Hussaini Hanging Bridge

Adventurous people can enjoy the fresh air, sound of running water and their heart beating with every step they take.

Borith Lake + Passu Cones & Glacier View Point

The place feeds mind and soul by its serenity that is incomparable with other places of Valley. Tourists can do boating, stroll along the eye-catching lake and enjoy chilling and numbing air. Further, 10 minutes’ drive from Borith Lake offers mesmerizing view of Passu Cones & Passu Glacier.

Glacier Breeze Restaurant – For Apricot Cake

Besides a little climb up (around 100 steps) Glacier Breeze provides the panoramic view of Passu Glacier and best apricot cake in the town.

Khunjerab Pass

Long and panoramic routes end with spectacular views of mountains and Pakistan-China Border. We recommend to take warm stuff just to prepare our visitors for any temperature and weather conditions.

Naltar Valley – The Land of Fairies

A green valley nestled with magnanimous mountains and running streams is considered a “Paradise” by the tourists. It is famous for the three lakes including Strangi lake, Blue lake, and Bodlok lake located at a distance of 13 kilometers from Upper Naltar.

Tourists can reach this beautiful piece of land by 4×4 jeep.

Tourists having short vacations are recommended to have this trip while leaving Hunza valley because Naltar Valley is 34 kilometers away from Gilgit. However, tourists having long a vacation can enjoy a Naltar trip and return back to Hunza and explore more.

“Create your memories with us that will last for a lifetime”